looking around at 3d printed sculpture I came across this…

this is cool

Grinderman (Nick Cave) on Letterman Honey Bee (by donkeypoopoo) Wow Nick Cave and his boys are simply off the hook.

Tribe - Joyride (I Saw the Film) HQ (by PereMarquette1225) One of my all time favorites from ‘91. A real gem. And so smart in that psychodramatic yin/yang painfully out of balance sort of way. “How many times I didn’t unfold you, look at your face I hardly know you…”

Faun Fables - Eyes of a Bird (by unohdat)  These folk are simply God(and Goddess)ly!

 Saw these folks on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and just fell in love. Great tune, great attitude.

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“We are caught up in this bizarre habit of assuming that there is an “I.” Yet the definition of this seemingly permanent thing has to keep constantly changing to keep up the illusion in an impermanent world. This takes up a lot of mental time and is continually frustrating to the mind, as it takes so much constant work and effort. This process is called ignorance, i.e. the illusion of an “I” and thus that everything else is “not I.”
Daniel Ingram (via lucifelle)
this is my first video reblog

this is my first video reblog

Still figuring out how to use this here tumblr…

Still figuring out how to use this here tumblr…


Lung Overcoat - Past Lives. Texas goth! Gloomiest band in the south. This is from their 1983 ep Internal Silence.